Monday, July 18, 2011

Empire Avenue: I'm #8, now it is #6 Among the recommended buys!

Empire Avenue is may be the most representative score system about your web 2.0 activity; may be better than Klout. I happen to find, with my great surprise, I'm the number 8 in a 800 and more peoples list of the recommended buys! :D. I really did not expect it! I like to think it is due to my first in the world new innovative platform realization for monitoring the WIFI network status of my Internet Service Provider -done by the feedback of their customers - in order to know every time if: the inability to reach the internet, the intermittent connection drops, the dead spots in wireless coverage are affecting your connection by simply accessing this website: and watching what is happening to the others Internet Service Provider customers who have only to submit their daily feedback about their connection quality to make it. 



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